1. WBA has a long history of supporting entrepreneurs and small business. In the past our focus was on
organization, marketing and revitalizing the downtown.

2. Working on the downtown Renaissance with organizations such as MainStreet and Lycoming Arts,
the WBA has seen how being informed and discussing local issues strengthens our business climate.

3. Four years ago, the WBA added a Speakers Series and Networking events to our
Program to give our members information about local topics and opportunities for discussion.

4. Examples of Speaker topics have been The Heart Williamsport by Alice Trowbridge of the
Susquehanna Greenways Partnership, Little League special events by Jason Fink and a Susquehanna
Thruway update by Sal Vitgo from County Planning

5. One of our sources of topical information, the 2016 County Comprehensive Plan talks about how the
young express” a lack of knowledge how our public sphere operates.”

6. Our Speaker and networking Events have become a way to mentor our younger businesspeople about
entrepreneurship, economic development and how the community works.

7. Based on the success of our Speaker/Networking Series in addition to small businesses
members we are creating a new category of membership, the WBA Professionals.

8. We are excited about bringing professionals together with entrepreneurs and small businesspeople.
We think the three different business backgrounds and skill sets will spark creative business energy.

9. The County Comprehensive Plan also cities history and arts as an important part of the Williamsport
Renaissance and Cultural Tourism as a future economic asset. Several of our upcoming talks will be
about the local, regional, and national marketing possibilities of our Cultural Tourism assets.