Gayle’s Kitchen Creations

Brewers and Wholesalers of Gayle's Kombucha

Gayle’s Kitchen Creations brews and distributes Gayle’s Kombucha to various delicatessen, natural health stores, restaurants and taverns, food stores, and coffee shops in Central PA.  Gayle’s Kombucha is a Light, Refreshing, Raw, Fermented Tea packed with Probiotics and Energizing Enzymes.

Sorry, but the alcohol content is less that 1/2%.  For Kombucha with a kick, see the places below where you can get an alcoholic kombucha cocktail.

In Williamsport and Lycoming County, my kombucha is sold at:

  • Tony’s Delicatessen on Washington Boulevard
  • Diamond Square Market in Newberry
  • Wengerd’s Farm Market in Pennsdale
  • Real Taste Taqueria in Jersey Shore
  • Up The Crick – on PA 44 approximately 5 miles North of Jersey Shore.

In addition, Gayle’s Kombucha is available at:

  • 5 locations in the Wellsboro – Mansfield area including in alcoholic cocktails at the Red Skillit
  • 7 locations in the Lock Haven area including on tap and in alcoholic cocktails at the Broken Axe Brew House
  • A health store in each of State College, Selinsgrove, and Newport in Dauphin County

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