Like to visit our Williamsport, PA businesses but don't know where to park when you are downtown? Then you're in the right place. Williamsport provides many locations around the city to park 24/7, including a parking garage on 3rd St. and Church St. These lots are enforced 9am - 6pm Monday through Saturday, and both on and off street parking is $0.50 for 30 minutes. See the Williamsport Parking Authority for all rates and more details. Parking permits are also available through the Williamsport Parking Authority. Visit Williamsport during First Friday, and parking is free.

Most lots offer metered parking with our new multi-space parking meters. These devices are actually quite easy to use, simply read about them on the Williamsport Parking Authority website or watch the short instructional video below. These meters also allow remote payments through the WayToPark mobile app. Find it here for Android or iOS.